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Midnight Tides Wax Melts

Midnight Tides Wax Melts

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Midnight Tides is a bold and invigorating fragrance that captures the spirit of nighttime maritime adventure. With notes of plum, sea salt, and ozone, it conjures the essence of the open sea under a moonlit sky. Floral undertones, cardamom, and a hint of vanilla add complexity, while amber provides a warm and grounding finish. This scent creates an alluring and captivating ambiance, making Midnight Tides the ideal choice for those seeking a sense of nocturnal daring and sophistication.

Top: Plum, Sea Salt, Ozone
Middle: Floral, Cardamom
Bottom: Vanilla, Amber
Essential Oil: Lemon Oil

Luxury Coconut Wax Snap Bar Melts

2 oz (57 g) 

Handmade in Jacksonville, FL.

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