Our Mission

Chariscene Candles is a company driven by a heartfelt mission. With a deep commitment to making a positive impact, we dedicate ourselves to giving back to local and global communities in need. Through our candles, we strive to spread warmth and light not only in your homes but also in the lives of those less fortunate. Your purchase goes beyond the simple pleasure of a beautifully crafted candle; it becomes a source of hope and change for children in various corners of the world.


Your orders support…


Sponsored by GRACE

Sponsored by GRACE is a community-focused organization committed to breaking the cycles of despair and hopelessness. Recognizing the importance of relational equity, the organization aims to build trust within the communities it serves through consistency, partnership, and accessibility. Focusing on the community of Vista Landing in the 32209 area, Sponsored by GRACE offers a Child Sponsorship program, providing an opportunity for lasting impact on individual lives. Impact Day invites volunteers to engage with children and families in Jacksonville, embodying the gospel through sports, arts, community beautification, and a Gospel presentation. The organization emphasizes empowerment, encouraging community members to break generational curses by pursuing education, trades, and personal growth. The Empower Academy, established in 2022, provides a 2-week journey for residents to refine interpersonal, professional, and financial skills before entering a new career. Through its Community Assistance program, Sponsored by GRACE addresses hunger relief, secure sleeping arrangements, rental assistance, utility bills, maternity support, and transportation. Guided by core values such as humility, faith, consistency, and courage, the organization strives to make a positive and enduring impact in the lives of those it serves.


The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation

The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in honor of McKenzie Noelle Wilson, a compassionate individual who dedicated her life to caring for others. After her untimely passing in 2010, her family founded the foundation to continue her legacy. The foundation focuses on caring, giving, and growing, aiming to help young people fulfill their potential through local and global initiatives. One of their notable programs, McKenzie's Run, raises awareness and funds for academic tutoring, mentoring, job readiness, and skill-building programs. Recently, the foundation merged its after-school programs with Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida, now providing free mentoring and tutoring programs to over 400 students in local communities. Additionally, McKenzie Clubs engage middle and high school students in volunteerism, spreading kindness through campaigns like "Random Acts of Kindness." Their international outreach, Amaka ga McKenzie, supports children in Uganda by providing homes, medical care, education, and love, fostering a brighter future for over 157 children through a partnership with Okoa Refuge.


Her Song - Tim Tebow Foundation 

Her Song is a dedicated organization providing support and care to women survivors of human trafficking. Founded with a mission to interrupt the cycle of exploitation, Her Song offers victim outreach, care coordination, and long-term residential care. The organization envisions a world where survivors can thrive freely, living without harm, pursuing education, and achieving their dreams. Guided by Christian principles, Her Song's program focuses on rest, allowing survivors to reset and consider their next steps. With a commitment to healing, women can engage in the program for up to two years, fostering recovery of body, mind, and spirit within a supportive community. As residents exercise new life skills, they progress towards fulfilling their educational, career, and financial goals, ultimately embracing a life of freedom. The organization's philosophy is rooted in doing what is right before God, showing kindness and mercy, demonstrating unconditional love for the disadvantaged, and providing excellence in holistic care, recognizing the deep wounds often experienced by trafficking survivors.



Foster Florida

Foster Florida was founded in 2015 by two mothers who experienced the challenges of foster care firsthand and were supported by a compassionate community. Inspired to extend this support to other foster families, they organized a meeting, drawing fifty people and sparking the creation of Foster Florida. The organization envisions a world where every person is valued, the local church plays a pivotal role in addressing the foster care crisis, and foster families thrive when supported as a unit. Foster Florida believes that communities flourish when members use their skills and resources to serve those in need, emphasizing that everyone has a role in the foster care community. Their mission is to surround every frontline family with an engaged and growing village, ensuring no child waits for a safe place to heal from trauma. To date, Foster Florida has served 1,902 families, mobilized 1,406 volunteers, and engaged 214 organizations, demonstrating the powerful impact of combined help and hope in transforming lives.