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Leather Bound

Leather Bound

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Leather Bound is a fragrance that exudes the timeless sophistication of a classic leather-bound book. At the top, worn suede and silk notes create a luxurious and tactile opening, reminiscent of well-worn pages and elegant bindings. The heart reveals the rich and authentic aroma of leather, adding depth and character. As the fragrance settles, exotic white musk provides a smooth and sensual base. Infused with calamus oil, Leather Bound envelops your space in the warm and inviting scents of leather and musk, creating an ambiance that's both refined and comforting.

Top: Worn Suede Silk
Middle: Authentic Leather
Bottom: Exotic White Musk
Essential Oils: Calamus Oil

Luxury Coconut Wax Candle
8.5 oz (241 g) 

Sustainable & reusable concrete candle,
handmade in Jacksonville, FL.

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